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What Drives Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of Pyramid

remains unbanked (Chaia et al, 2009). This lack of financial inclusion disproportionately a↵ects the poorer and more vulnerable segments of the population (Demirgu¨¸c-Kunt and Klapper, 2012). Nevertheless, we still do not have the necessary data to understand which are the causal drivers of financial inclusion at the bottom of the pyramid.

Definition: “Financial inclusion strategies are roadmaps of

financial inclusion, based on the context of the country, can be provided. Examples: In the following examples of National Financial Inclusion Strategies and global resources, financial inclusion is defined as: “The permanent access of adults to a range of financial products and services (i) offered

How Financial Inclusion Gets Funded

It is the most comprehensive source of analysis on primary sources of international funding for microfinance and financial inclusion. In 2014, CGAP and MIX analyzed data from 56 international ...

Data management, analysis is vital for business: CEFI

Business Data management, analysis is vital for business: CEFI The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) and the Micro Information Exchange (MIX) markets are jointly running a two-day capacity building workshop for financial institutions to learn the importance of information and data management and analysis.

Why financial inclusion for women is critical for shared

Offer Women a Comprehensive Mix of Financial and Non- Financial Products and Services. A full value proposition for women includes core professional products, value-added financial and non-financial services and personal financial products. Invest in Proving the Business Case through . Disaggregated Data. Banks need to collect and analyze data ...

Financial Inclusion Strategies & Policies

Global data and statistics, research and publications, and topics in poverty and development ... financial sector authorities worldwide provides knowledge and tools for the development and implementation of National Financial Inclusion Strategies (NFIS) and similar instruments. ... IMF Financial Access Survey; MIX FinClusion Lab (Geospatial ...

What’s Next for MIX Market: The Foundational Dataset Moves

Since 2011, he has launched MIX’s strategic drive to support information-driven decision-making through new products including, market analysis and portfolio reporting solutions and to enable tracking and analysis of financial inclusion within local markets. Blaine has more than 15 years of experience in microfinance and financial inclusion.

Financial inclusion data paywall: end of the global

7/5/2016 · The World Bank's previously freely accessible microfinance and financial inclusion data are now behind a paywall raising questions about its commitments to development knowledge as a global public good and its overall strategies for microfinance and knowledge.

OECD Information and Communication Technology driven

Financial Inclusion -Definition Financial Inclusion: The process of ensuring access to appropriate financial products and services needed by vulnerable groups such as weaker sections and low income groups at an affordable cost in a fair and transparent manner by mainstream Institutional players. 2

How Can Fintech Startups Address the Financial Inclusion

How standardized data can highlight gaps in fintech startup investments, surface promising companies, and more effectively measure financial inclusion. How standardized data can highlight gaps in fintech startup investments, surface promising companies, and more effectively measure financial inclusion. ... MIX undertook extensive market ...

Financial Inclusion Data

Note: w1 denotes 2011 Global Findex data (wave 1) and w2 denotes 2014 Global Findex data (wave 2). Download the Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion »

Fintech can Promote Greater Financial Inclusion but Certain

Fintech can promote greater financial inclusion but certain challenges must be addressed, according to a report from the World Bank. ... protecting customer data, and maintaining user privacy, the ...

Financial Inclusion, Poverty, and Income Inequality in

Financial Inclusion, Poverty, and Income Inequality in Developing Asia The authors present a broad-based financial inclusion indicator to assess various macroeconomic and country-specific factors affecting the degree of financial inclusion for 37 selected developing Asian economies.

Afghanistan - Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex

Oct 31, 2018 · Financial inclusion is critical in reducing poverty and achieving inclusive economic growth. When people can participate in the financial system, they are better able to start and expand businesses, invest in their children’s education, and absorb financial shocks.

How banks can play a stronger role in accelerating financial

10. Diverse financial ecosystems: increased provision of financial services by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), e-commerce firms, FinTechs, retailers and telecommunication providers has a direct impact on expanding financial inclusion. Consequently, a vibrant start-up community with access to diverse sources of capital is an important enabler.

"Factors driving financial inclusion and financial

Financial inclusion, or providing access to and active use of affordable financial products to the 2 billion unbanked adults globally, can facilitate individual prosperity, reduce poverty and increase economic development. Digital technologies such as mobile phones, cloud computing, data analytics and blockchain are one of the biggest enablers of financial inclusion by making it …

Modeling Financial Inclusion for Women

Inclusion for Women While progress has been made in recent years concerning the financial inclusion of women, they continue to lag behind males in the uptake and usage of financial services. As a result, more complete and timely sex-disaggregated data is needed.

Inclusion Through Data: The Case of Mexico

Sex-disaggregated financial inclusion data can help to inform better financial inclusion policies and products. This case study explores the case of Mexico, where a combination of an evidence-based policy environment, robust gender equality policies, and strong statistical competence led to an increase in women’s financial inclusion data.


Opportunities for expanding financial inclusion through digital technology. Global Findex data reveal opportunities to increase account ownership among the unbanked. The data also point to ways to leverage financial technology (Fintech) to boost the use of accounts among those who already have one.


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FinDev Gateway hosts the largest, free collection of online resources on microfinance and financial inclusion. Explore over 8,000 publications, trainings, events, jobs and announcements which have been curated by our editors and submitted by a wide range of organizations from around the world.

Financial Inclusion Data: Global & National Studies, Research

The financial inclusion data also informs us that this lack of access to basic financial institutions is commonplace in third world countries. On this page you will find financial inclusion quotes and other data to help you promote access to financial products.

Financial Inclusion Definition

Sep 11, 2019 · Financial Inclusion: The pursuit of making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of net worth and size respectively. Financial inclusion ...

Express Reporting and Financial Inclusion Analytics

12/9/2013 · Microfinance Information Exchange Report Express and Financial Inclusion Reducing Reporting Burdens and Improving Market Understanding The Premier Source for M…

The role of demand-side data – measuring financial

The Role of Demand-Side Data . Measuring Financial Inclusion from the Perspective of Users of Financial Services . Leora Klapper. 1. and Dorothe Singer. 2. Abstract . This paper provides an overview of sources of financial inclusion indicators and highlights the importance of collecting measures of financial inclusion from the

Microfinance Information Exchange

MIX works with major funders of financial inclusion to carry out projects related to data and information provision for financial services sectors in emerging markets. Because many investors and FSPs in these regions struggle to make business and investment decisions due to the limited flow and availability of data and information, MIX and its ...

How banks can play a stronger role in accelerating

Undoubtedly, financial inclusion will improve the lives of families, communities and companies around the world – and go a long way to restoring trust and confidence in banks. ... Credit data infrastructure: ... With the right mix of innovative products and services, institutions can earn the loyalty of new customers and drive cross- and up ...

March 2015

financial inclusion within a country, and to compare levels of financial literacy and financial inclusion across countries. The data collection process should be as similar as possible in every country in order to collect internationally comparable data. In particular: The survey should be of adults. For the sake of international comparison we ...

(PDF) Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

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Announcing the launch of the GPFI Basic Set of Financial

But we know that financial inclusion has many dimensions that are not covered by the Basic Set, which is why the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) and the GPFI sub-group on financial inclusion data and measurement is currently developing an ‘Additional Set of Financial Inclusion Indicators’ to provide a more complete assessment of the ...

MIX launches FINclusion Lab

MIX, a leading information provider and thought leader in the microfinance sector early this month, announced the launch of FINclusion Lab (, the first data visualization and analysis platform that brings together the elements of financial services activities, markets, and products, including national and sub-national views.

Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex) Database (Global

Covering more than 140 economies, the indicators of financial inclusion measure how people save, borrow, make payments and manage risk. The reference citation for the data is: Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli, Leora Klapper, Dorothe Singer, Saniya Ansar, and Jake Hess. 2018.

Financial Inclusion in the Philippines

policy research and formulation; (b) financial inclusion data and measurement; (c) financial learning sessions for targeted unbanked sectors; and (d) advocacy activities. IFAO is also the technical secretariat of the inter-agency Financial Inclusion Steering Committee of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion.

Data Fiinder · Financial Inclusion Insights from Kantar

The Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) program, from Kantar, produces original data and practical knowledge on trends in mobile money and other digital financial services.

Inclusive Insurance in National Financial Inclusion Strategies

mix of different sources with the government ... and to enable data collection in the diag- ... 8 Inclusive Insurance 9 in National Financial Inclusion Strategie 1 ...

How to Measure Financial Inclusion

The Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) has the following G20 Basic Set of Financial Inclusion Indicators to help countries set financial inclusion targets and monitor progress. This information is derived from country-led data gathering, including financial institution data collected by financial regulators, and household/firm ...

Financial inclusion: Policies and practices

Against this background, this round table provides a global and regional perspective on the policies and practices of financial inclusion. Using macro data, the collection reveals the diversity in the efforts towards achieving financial inclusion and the need for a progressive approach in financial inclusion.

i2i Data Portal – Cenfri | Centre for Financial Inclusion

Sep 07, 2017 · Measurement in Financial Inclusion The increasing prominence of financial inclusion as a tool for development and growth has spawned extensive data-gathering initiatives to measure, understand and improve it. The result is a variety of new measurement frameworks leveraging this data.


The data were reported to MIX for inclusion in its MIX Market platform and related products for dissemination to a broad public. The FSP data points include data on financial statements (income statement, balance sheet), operations, financial products, end clients, and social performance.

What Drives Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid?

What Drives Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid? Empirical Evidence from Micro nance Panel Data Catalina Mart nezy Annette Kraussz March 31st, 2015 Abstract Micro nance has played a key role in including the poor in nancial markets. This paper uses micro nance data to approximate nancial inclusion in the poorer segments of the ...